Tiger Jaw P2 Medium Ratchet Hand Pruner

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P2 RATCHET HAND PRUNER 3/4” / 19mm Cutting Capacity P2 Tiger Jaw Pruner Our Tiger Jaw P2 pruner is a Lightweight Ratchet Pruner, ideal for pruning up to 3/4 inch plants and small limbs. OUR P2 RATCHETING PRUNERS ARE IDEAL FOR: Clipping roses and cutting back smaller rose bushes Trimming azaleas or small crape myrtles plants that are already trimmed up and just need a touch up Trimming non-thick bark plants More versatile than the P1 pruner P2 is makes a great pair for use with the P3 or P4 that are able to cut up to 1-inch diameter limbs. Lots of pruning is of smaller limbs and if you are cutting a lot of small branches, it is best to use a tool that is not as heavy. Using the right pruner for the job you are doing may reduce fatigue on your hands and arms. THE P2 IS MADE WITH QUALITY MATERIALS INCLUDING: High carbon heat-treated steel blade Nylon and fiberglass handle Ratchet design: 3 short handle pumps for easy pruning Like all Tiger Jaw Tools, our P2 is guaranteed to be free of any quality-related defects SPECIFICATIONS: Size: 8 in long Weight: 7 oz. Great for cutting small trees sometimes these are called Pruning scissors.